How to Learn to Ski – at Any Age!

In an article published in the Wall Street Personal Journal, it talks about how to learn to ski at any age. Here are some highlights.

Learn to Ski Pic“Most adults should probably feel confident hitting a beginner slope solo after three days of lessons”, says ski Earl Saline, director of education programming for the National Ski Areas Association.

“On your first ski outing, take time to get comfortable and find your balance. Don’t expect to be perfect from the start.

Their discomfort often starts with the boots and skis, which may feel like “clown shoes,” Mr. Saline says. On the hill, the natural inclination is to lean back, as if water skiing. That leads to falls. “Keep your head over your toes,” he tells his students. His goal is to “move at a pace that keeps them upright”

Mr. Saline emphasizes how to control speed at all stages, including turning the ski tips in toward each other to slow down. “What we don’t want to do is move at a pace where they get scared,” he says.

Not to worry about having the right gear and clothing to get the job done. Most ski resorts have an what you need. In the Midwest, in Indiana, a great gear shop (Paoli Pro Shop), located in the lodge at Paoli Peaks can provide expert advice for beginners. They also have demo skis and snowboards and rental ski pants and jackets. Contact 812-723-2163 to get the details.

Elizabeth Holmes, WSJ

3 Ways to Get a Great Ski Boot Fit

Finding the right boot fit means more than just trying on a pair or two of boots. Take the time to have the boots fit professionally.

Brannock Measuring Device

Brannock Measuring Device

The difference in fit is worth the time and money. Beware of on-line sites that offer discount boots. Your local shop can get you properly measured and you have the opportunity to try on several different types of boots. Before you buy boots online, check your local shop for a price match. In his article How to Find the Perfect Ski Boot Leonid Feldman from gives some important tips for a great boot fit.

First: Get measured! Ski boot brands and models all vary in their sizing. A 9 medium will not necessarily correspond with the same size in a different brand or model. Your ski shop boot fitter will know the size characteristics of the brands they offer. I have yet to see an online retailer be able to measure your feet on a Brannock device.

Second:  Be honest with your boot fitter about your skiing ability and habits.  They will guide you to the best boot for your level. Your goal is to get a secure, snug fit around your foot. It will make skiing much more enjoyable.

Third: Trying different boots and wearing them inside the store for at least 15-20 minutes is the key. Boot liners are soft at first, but they will conform to your foot in 10-15 minutes. The correct boot should feel snug all over without pressure points. You should be able to flex the boots in the shop. If you can’t flex the boots easily in the shop it’s better to get a softer boot. They will stiffen up a little in the cold.

Finally: Be patient, boots take a few days to really break in. The Paoli Pro Shop’s knowledgeable boot fitters can get you into a great boot fit. We’re serious about making your on-snow time enjoyable!

Big Mountain Ski & Snowboard Equipment Checklist

So you are going to ride Colorado this season. Things are a little different when you ski or snowboard on
a big mountain. Here are some equipment suggestions:

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How to Prepare for a Rail Jam Contest


It’s the season for winter sports open houses and preseason winter events. Many of these events include some sort of “rail jam” or “Jib Jam” contest. A rail jam is usually set up close to a ski lodge, a city park or in a ski shop parking lot. The elements include some sort of ramp, a fixed “rail” or other trick inducing element and a landing area. “Snow” is usually trucked in compliments of an ice rink or ice company.

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