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Ski/Snowboard Wax While You Wait

“Instant” Ski/Snowboard Service

JackSki Mount15Ski or snowboard equipment needs proper maintenance, inspections and tune-ups. The Paoli Pro Shop is the right place to stop for all of the “tender loving care” your gear deserves. Waxing, tune-ups and binding installations are all done in-house while you wait. Hand waxes only take 5 minutes! Call 812-723-2163 for more information.

Ski bindings are designed to release at a specified value of force in specified directions. To be sure that your bindings are working up to the manufacturer’s standards, our certified Ski Techs can bench test them to their specific manufacture’s standards. If you are unsure the bindings are still serviceable, our techs can cross-reference the specific model in the most recent manufacturer’s specifications.

When you ski or ride, it is important for your equipment to be in top condition. Please call 812-723-2163 with questions about your  ski or snowboard gear. Most work is done “while you wait.”

We’re serious about making your on-snow time enjoyable. Fast!


Sharp Edges for Racing or
Major De-tune for the Park